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After years of pain my nerves and brain no longer communicate properly. The lightest touch of something completely innocuous can drive me crazy. I find that on days when this symptom is worse than usual the clothes I’m wearing can be the biggest offender.

It’s taken a few years, but in my quest to lead a more minimalistic life I’ve pared down my wardrobe to include only items I love. Gone are the days of picking up a t-shirt or three from a bin just because it was cheap, or waiting until the last minute to buy a dress and getting stuck with what was available rather than what I wanted.

But my chronic pain throws an additional element to the mix (doesn’t it always?), and I can’t forget my needs and physical limitations when I shop. I’m always on the lookout for clothes that are soft and roomy, and shoes that are flat and not too heavy. Sometimes I purchase an item in a larger size (as long as it still looks good) to make it even more comfortable. And I usually shop online, as it’s less physically taxing than walking from store to store and I’m more likely to get a good deal whether it’s through Ebates or a coupon code.

Clothes collage 1

1. Everlane | 2. Loeffler Randall | 3. Lululemon | 4. Theory | 5. Outdoor Voices | 6. Mahabis | 7. Scarf Shop | 8. J. Crew Factory

The items above are some of my favorites to which I can personally attest. With a little effort I can dress each piece up or down (with the exception of the slippers), and many can be worn throughout the year. Not only do I love these pieces, but I find the brands are consistently reliable in putting out products that are soft, comfortable, stylish, and good quality.

May you never feel like your health keeps you from dressing stylishly (and may you share your favorite brands/pieces with me because I love learning about what works for other spoonies!).



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