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i’m starting to feel like this blog is legit…

My chronic pain is nothing new but only recently have I tapped into the online community of people just like me. Before I started blogging I could have told you about a handful of online health networks / groups / blogs that existed, but since then my eyes have opened. It thrills me to learn of sites like The Mighty, Chronic Illness Bloggers, and WEGO Health that provide a place where people can share experiences, connect, and gain insight. And when I find bloggers willing to put it all out there – people like MarlaJan of Luck Fupus and Jennifer Kain Kilgore of Wear, Tear, & Care – I am grateful. Having sites to which I can look for how to “do it right” is a luxury, and the examples set by those who have to deal with chronic issues is inspiring.

With all the time I spend looking outward towards these valued resources it can be difficult to feel like 29 / 92 has earned its place at the table. And then last week this little blog was nominated for two WEGO Health Activist Awards : Rookie of the Year and Best Kept Secret. The window for celebration has already closed, however, and now it’s time to start endorsing!

So, if you’d like, please endorse 29 / 92 for both awards by visiting this link. An individual can endorse a person once for each award, so you have two opportunities to cast your vote.

I encourage you to look around WEGO Health while you’re there or take the extra step and click the link to one of the other sites I reference above. Each is beautiful both in mission and content, and I am grateful to those who take the time to contribute to sites such as these.

I wish all the nominees the best, but let’s be honest…none of this “connection” crap I’m preaching really matters. I’m just in it for the awards, obviously.



Images courtesy of https://awards.wegohealth.com/nominees/12659 and https://awards.wegohealth.com/awards?campaign_id=32.

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