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What a month it’s been! I feel like I might be on the cusp of a little pain relief, but I’m in the early stages of a new treatment so anything could happen. At the same time I’m switching up meds {which is always full of fun side effects and unexpected flares}, spending more time on the blog, and dating {?!}. It’s an odd thing, thinking so much about my chronic pain and orthopedic issues while I’m blogging, Instagramming, or dealing with my latest issue, then turning that off to go meet a twenty- or thirty-something man. But more on that later, I suppose.

For now, let’s get to the items that were of great use to me this month. I hope you find something in here you love, too.

Happy Halloween!* – Anne

favorite things for chronic pain - 29goingon92.com

1 // Oh Joy Band-Aids For whatever reason I need bandaids a lot. Although most of what I wear is white, black, gray, or navy I love these bright colors and designs! The fact that they stand out reminds me that I have no reason to hide my chronic pain.

2 // Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever My skin has been a wreck this entire year. I have never had great skin, but six months of regular prolotherapy sessions did a number on me. I recently switched from an expensive face wash that not only contained chemicals but was also in a plastic tube {I was desparate} to this Living Libations cleanser which is made with organic oils, bioactive botanical compounds, and antioxidants. And I can already notice a difference. If you visit the site take a look around while you’re there; I like everything I’ve tried.

3 // Framebridge I make an effort to support local businesses, but Framebridge made the process of custom framing so simple. I went online late one evening, selected what I wanted, and shipped my art. There was no hassle of dropping off the piece at a store and crossing my fingers the place wasn’t busy so they can see me quickly. Then you still have to return to the store a week or two later to pick up your finished item. And because the Framebridge site allows you to see how your artwork is going to look before you purchase it I wasn’t second guessing myself like I do at a framing store. To top the whole thing off I was thrilled with the finished product.

4 // Outdoor Voice’s Slight Sweatpant My nerves are still on edge, so I wear soft, loose clothing whenever possible. These sweatpants fit that bill, yet they look a bit more tailored than the others I own. It’s nice to not feel like I’m walking around in my pajamas as I usually do when wearing sweats. If I was that person who could pull off wearing heels with sweatpants you could absolutely own these for that purpose. But I’ll stick with just wearing them when I’m “exercising” {i.e. going to physical therapy or walking my dog}.

5 // Solid Manufacturing Company Coffee Sleeve This is a hand-stitched leather coffee collar; how fantastic is that?! Mine lives in my car’s center console so that I can easily retrieve it when it’s time for a coffee break. And I use it nearly every day now that the weather is cooling off {a little}. Solid Manufacturing makes everything from stools to clutches to iPad stands. It’s one of those situations when you see what they offer and want to buy everything.

6 // Everlane’s Modern Babo Since these shoes arrived I have worn them nearly every day. I purchased them originally thinking I’d wear them only for work but I’ve been surprised at how well they go with everything, even my ripped jeans and leather shorts. Definitely a versatile buy!

* Sorry for not having a Halloween-themed post. I like Halloween enough, but I’m not one of those people who goes crazy about it. But I hope everyone has a great time celebrating!

Images courtesy of respected sites, as noted.

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