a work in progress

a note {or list?} of thanks

To the ones who call / text / email just to check in

To those of you who listen – whether I’m whining and being completely unreasonable or unloading the fears that consume me when I’m at my worst

To the chronic illness community of thoughtful, uplifting people it took me more than ten years to find

To the ones who offer advice when they know I need it, whether I ask for it or not

To the people who spend hours of their own time searching for my next doctor, treatment, or surgery

To everyone who is accommodating of my needs – from arriving late, to leaving early, and everything in between

To all of the 29 / 92 blog readers and social media followers

To the pharmacists who fill my prescriptions every month and don’t judge me for taking the medicines I do

To everyone who keeps on asking me to do something, even after a long line of “no’s”

To those of you who think of me even when we’re apart

To the few who have stuck with me even though I ask way too much of you

thank you - 20goingon92.com


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  • linda maumus

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. i pray for you everyday and hope soon the pain will be gone due to new meds or procedures. xoxo linda

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