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what chronic pain can’t take away from my holiday

  1. Christmas morning : It’s as if this time was tailor made for me. First, the attire {jammies} is perfection. Second, there’s food and coffee involved. {True, I can no longer eat my mom’s pumpkin bread, but I found a gluten-free / dairy-free zucchini bread from A Girl Defloured that fills the void.} Third, there are few moments in the year when my family is as happy as we are on Christmas morning.
  2. My family’s Christmas Eve party : Every year it’s a loud, chaotic few hours, and I always have a blast. Although I can’t eat much of the food and picking out what I’m going to wear so that I’m comfortable as long as possible is a bit of a struggle, it is still a fantastic evening.
  3.  Christmas movies and music : I listen to Christmas music all year long {I say Christmas, but I have quite a few Hanukkah songs on my playlist – “Light One Candle,” anyone?} And it doesn’t happen often, but I have been known to watch a holiday movie or two throughout the year. Nevertheless, I can get into the holiday spirit with one of these two activities no matter how high my pain is.
  4. Mass on Christmas Eve : I love, love, love Christmas Mass. It’s an hour out of the holiday when it’s hard to think about anything other than the aspects of Christmas I find most meaningful, and the music is always on point.
  5. Gift-giving : I enjoy selecting presents for people I love, and as long as I don’t wait too long and put myself in a situation where I’m desperate to just get anything, I still find joy in this activity. And I’m thankful for the internet to make this process practically pain-free.


Chronic pain takes from me all year. As corny as it sounds, there are some things that it simply can’t touch. It’s good to remember what those things are from time to time.

Happy Holidays! Anne


  • linda maumus

    Pretend as if every day was Christmas! I am so happy that you have such an awesome support system and get together with the whole family. My chronic “pain” is not having all of my children /grandchildren together. I will be with Mimi and Charlotte and their fam in the mountains of Georgia where they have rented a beautiful lodge type home. We’re going on a Christmas train ride, too. I wish you and the whole family a wonderful love- filled Christmas. There are things being done every day to hopefully help you. That has been my prayer for you every day. Merry Christmas! with love, linda

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