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2016, we need to talk…



There is no need for me to recap the tragedies, injustices, and pitfalls that occurred all over the world this past year. {John Oliver did a pretty fantastic job of that already.} I also have no intention of rehashing my personal frustations because I do enough of that on here already I’m an incredibly positive person who doesn’t partake in that sort of negative talk.

But 2016, it’s time to say goodbye. We tried and fell short, and although it wasn’t anyone’s fault, I need to move on. Thanks for what you gave me; I’ll take the good into next year and use it to kick ass in 2017.

Happiest New Year! – Anne

My 2016 big three:

  • I made some strides at home. When I moved into my house in October 2015 I didn’t plan on doing any significant work. But that wasn’t the case, and even though a lot of work is behind me much remains. Nevertheless, I am already pleased with how things are shaping up and I’m grateful to those who helped me get this far!
  • I found Celie dog. My new roommate never helps with the dishes and has a tendency to pee on the rug when she doesn’t want to go out in the cold, but she is a selfless companion with so much love to give.
  • I started a blog. Initially, this was a place for me to get some feedback on the writing and thoughts that piled up over the years. I never imagined it would be a vehicle for connecting with people all over the world.



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