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There have been many times when I’ve gone on breaks from pursuing the new / next treatment. Not only does it take some serious stamina to keep up with {a} what’s out there that you haven’t tried yet, {b} finding the right doctor who may be able to help, and {c} doing your due diligence to learn whether or not this is the right move, it’s often deflating when your latest attempt to get some relief falls short.

I say I’ve gone on breaks, but at the time a “break” starts with me completely giving up. I’m over it, I’m tired, I’m frustrated…I’m all of the above with a dramatic declaration thrown into the mix. But each time I’ve gone back to the drawing board and given it another go.

At some point, I decided that unsuccessful attempts at trying to minimize my pain feel better than standing still. And, if that’s the only relief I can get my hands on right now, I’ll take it. I’m not going to be too happy about it, but I’ll take it.

My itsy bitsy, teeny tiny goals may not be enough for someone else, but they keep me moving forward. For today, that’s enough.



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