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taking the good with the bad

The Color Purple "I'm Here"


Need a reminder that we don’t get anything good in life without having to deal with the bad? Take five minutes to watch Cynthia Erivo belt “I’m Here” in the Broadway 2015 revival of The Color Purple. Without getting too far into my theatre obsession, I’ll just tell you that not only is the message of the song beautiful, but damn does this girl have some pipes!

This song resonated with me the moment I heard it, but it took on additional meaning when I made the decision to go to a chronic pain program. As excited as I am, I know I have some really tough days ahead. Detoxing after years of taking opiates is going to be a challenge, as will rebuilding my body and mind after. And once I’m back home there will be new obstacles to face, such as figuring out how to live my life without the safety net that my medications currently provide.

But I think I finally understand what it means to be grateful for all your days, whether they’re good or bad. I am so freaking excited to live the difficult days that will come with this next phase…I think I’ve actually surpassed grateful if that’s possible! It’s not just about accepting the bad, but actually being appreciative of them.

I think that’s the secret {or one of them maybe?} to making it through each day. Actually, forget that. I don’t want to just make it; I want to be happy! Like truly deep down happy, and I want that happiness to come from within me and not be a result of what’s happening to me or going on around me.

I’m telling y’all, this girl is onto something!

And yes, I completely named my dog after this Celie. How could I resist? Don’t judge.


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