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Disclaimer : I am not a medical professional. Do not follow my advice blindly. Always listen to your body [and your doctor] over me. I write from my personal experiences, not yours. 

Giving into a chronic pain flare* is the quickest way to escalate it. While it may seem impossible to get yourself out of bed [and the house], it’s usually exactly what your body needs. Filling our days with positive distractions can be as helpful, if not more, than taking a pill to mask those pain signals for a few hours.

Pictured above is a flowchart to utilize on the days when you just don’t want to do anything. Push yourself to get going, but listen to your body and give it a rest when it needs one. Know your limitations, but don’t let them keep you from trying new experiences.

I’ll confess, I push it too far some days, but I always learn something in the process. Every so often I have to cross that line that divides good and bad to know exactly where it is. If I don’t, how will I ever know of what I am truly capable?

*With chronic pain, your body is sending your brain pain signals because something is awry, not necessarily because you have an injury that requires your attention. Acute pain, however, is the opposite. You feel the pain so that you’ll stop what you’re doing and not cause further damage to the injured area. Only you can know your body well enough to be able to differentiate between the two.

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