a new look at self-care


Last year around this time I posted this:

gifts i'm giving myself this year - 29goingon92.com


Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time revisiting where I was one month ago…six months ago….a year ago….five years ago, even. It helps me gain perspective as to the progress I’ve made, or in some cases, haven’t made.

When I look at the above graphic it’s like I’m looking at a person I hardly recognize. I’m looking at someone who views herself completely separately from her health, not yet realizing that the two are intertwined to the point that they can never be severed. I’m looking at a person who views self-care not as taking care of her body or mind, but as indulging in the whims and desires that any given moment might bring.

Currently, my graphic looks very different. I now write from a place of understanding that what I do for myself today not only impacts that moment but has the potential to set me up for future success or struggle. Even in dark moments when I can’t find the words to express this, I know that I am progressing, and I want to do everything within my power to improve my life. Some days that means I need to be alone and binge-watch Netflix, and other times I need to step outside my comfort zone and experience something new. Every day it means I need to listen to my body and give it what it needs, which may not align with what I feel like doing.

Today my graphic looks like this:




These are the things I am giving myself this holiday, and they’re not very different than what I’ve been working to keep in mind. Unlike the Anne of one year ago, I am a person with a clear, defined goal which I am anxious to accomplish. While this way of thinking can be problematic [more on that later], today I’m just grateful to be in a place where I know a handful of ways to help me get there.


  1. Eliza

    I love this! My list for this holiday season looks very similar. It’s such an important lesson to learn, that taking care of our health means taking care of ourselves and our dreams and plans. Wishing you a healthy, restful, and joyful holiday season!

    Liked by 1 person

    • anne doussan

      thank you so much for reading! wishing you the same, eliza!


  2. linda l maumus

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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