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The moon is an unstoppable force – and so are you.

Since I was in pull-ups I have been a loony lunar lover. It’s just always been my thing! As the proud luna-tic (see what I did there?) in the family, I receive moon-themed birthday cards from them each year. Last year one card stood out – it was from Anne.

The moon is an unstoppable force, she wrote, and so are you!

I have read and believed for years that the moon impacts all things earthbound. But we are also LIKE the moon – a light in the dark, a powerful source, and a part of something huge and miraculous.

Years of watching my sister endure more than a decade of chronic pain have revealed how isolating being sick can feel. You’re out of the norm, against the grain, and while socially that may seem completely true, you can’t neglect your connection to nature. Nobody in this universe is alone. We’re all connected, powerful beings!

The moon experiences phases – and so do you. Think about it!

The tide of every ocean on Earth rises and falls by moon phases. Humans are 70% water. How could we not feel the power of something magnetic enough to push and pull entire oceans? These phases are our maps, as the moon coaxes us to our fullest expression and then releases, allowing us to reflect and recharge.

You might be wondering, what does this have to do with chronic illness?

I’ve heard it’s a common practice to keep a careful record of your symptoms, but have you ever thought about charting the moon phases alongside them? I watched Anne feel victimized by not understanding reasons why her symptoms come and go. Each time she identifies a new thing to track that might provide insight, she feels more control over her chronic illnesses.

I would love to say there are sweeping generalizations regarding how we respond to moon cycles, but I don’t find that to be true. People who work in hospitals might tell you how things get crazy when the moon is full. Maybe this is the case for them, but it’s not necessarily beneficial to me. In tracking my body’s and mind’s responses to the moon, I learned that I perform best when the moon is waning (getting smaller). With this information, I try to schedule big projects during these periods, and when I can’t, I work extra hard at combating feelings of being overwhelmed with a little extra self-care. Knowing what I’ve learned about how the moon impacts me helps me be a better employee, wife, friend, and person.

At the risk of sounding a bit mystical, I would encourage you all to give the moon the respect she deserves. Let her fuel you and help you reach your greatest potential in spite of the struggles you face. And, when the night is dark and you’re feeling completely alone, look up in the sky and find her, and remember that she is always right there with you.

Sending tons of lunar love your way,


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Images courtesy of Susie Ewbank and her beautiful collection of moon-inspired snaps. Follow @the.moon.in.june for more!

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