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today’s faves

We are all works in progress and constantly evolving. What helps us today may not do the same tomorrow, but here is what I’m into right now. Some promote healing, some are good for life, and some may only be of use to me. Either way, I hope you find something that’s helpful!

DAO Labs Chinese herbs: Last week at acupuncture I complained about some symptoms that had disappeared for a while and recently returned. My acupuncturist asked me if I was still taking my herbal supplements, and I had to confess that I wasn’t. She encouraged me to start back up again, and once I did things quickly stabilized. Some of the herbs I take are pretty hardcore in that they taste horrendous and are difficult to get down. Herbs from DAO Labs, however, are delicious and effective. My favorites are Emotional Balance and Digestive Harmony.

VETTA clothing: I haven’t achieved the full capsule wardrobe yet, but I love this brand (and you can still purchase items individually). Their fabrics are sustainable, their factories are responsibly run, and their pieces are so very comfortable. There are still a lot of clothes that actually make my pain worse, but not one of my VETTA pieces is problematic.

Seraphinite: During a Sound and Crystal Energy Session I attended last week (yes, I apparently go to those now, and yes, it was amazing) one of the healers placed this giant stone over my heart. When I asked her more about it I learned it has strong healing qualities and helps move blocked energy. Needless to say, I purchased a crystal of my own less than twenty-four hours later.

Queer Eye, Season 2: As Ben Platt tweeted, this should be required viewing. It’s somehow hysterical and moving all at the same time, and I can’t get enough.

Ecco Bella makeup: Chemical-free products are such a pain. I really do miss the days when all I had to worry about was how something functioned. After playing around with different brands for years, though, I think I’ve finally found makeup that I’d be happy with even if it wasn’t chemical- and cruelty-free. I’ve tried at least a half-dozen different products from this line and I love them all. (Thank you, Lauren and Susie, for the suggestion!)

Shuni mudra: A mudra is a hand position that balances energy in our minds and bodies. I’m working hard at focusing on my heart, and with some much-appreciated guidance, I was able to learn that this specific gesture helps me do that. After only a couple of weeks of using this mudra, I’ve found it’s already made a difference!

MoviePass: I don’t know how much longer this business is going to last, but I’m definitely taking advantage of it while it is. It’s hot in New Orleans, y’all, and as much as I love to be outside I’m also tired of constantly sweating. While movies aren’t exactly known as a healing experience or anything like that, I do find them restorative and helpful in their own way.

Yarrow essential oil: This Edens Garden oil has been in my possession for a while now, but for some reason, I’m suddenly reaching for it all the time. Yarrow is all about soothing and healing…doesn’t it sound wonderful already?

Thrive Market: I know, I know, I know. I really do try to do my part to limit the amount of waste I produce, but this site is just too easy. They carry so many items I already use, from my contact solution to my favorite quinoa, and their prices are the lowest I’ve seen. If I keep up with some of my shopping here then I can make fewer runs to the grocery store for the perishable things, and that sounds pretty good to me!


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