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Sometimes I just need to take a break from the constant chronic illness talk. While it’s part of my daily life, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I want my symptoms to be the driving reason behind everything I do. Sure, I could spin anything in a way that related it to my medical issues, but is that something I really want to do? Nah.

So, here’s what I’m into right now. Some of it relates to chronic illness, while others don’t. Enjoy!


Food deliveries from Daily Harvest : I was (very) hesitant at first, but I am so happy I signed up with Daily Harvest. Sure, I had to get past the added waste that coincides with having food delivered, and how frozen food isn’t as nutrient-dense as fresh food. Once I cleared those mental blocks, though, I found out that I’m better off when I hoard a stock of healthy meals in my freezer. At the end of the day I’m quite tired, and I found that I was worrying more about convenience than I was about making healthy choices by the time dinner came around. After too many meals of raw veggies and hummus, I decided enough was enough. Now, I have a hot and mostly organic dinner ready in literally five minutes.

Liver Rescue, Anthony William : I’m a big fan of the Medical Medium and anxiously awaited the release of this book. In it, William discusses how a wide array of health issues, from autoimmune disease to food sensitivities, are explained by the state of our liver. Because I deal with most of the symptoms listed in this book – and even on the cover – I couldn’t resist purchasing it. Currently, I’m in the middle of William’s liver detox protocol; fingers crossed I have good results!

Healing ceremonies : I participated in my second healing plant ceremony this past weekend. It was so different from my experience with ayahuasca in April, but just as eye-opening and meaningful. I’m still putting together everything I learned as I sat awake in silence from Saturday night through Sunday morning, but I’m so grateful for the experience, and that I stepped outside of my comfort zone once again!

A Legendary Christmas, John Legend : So…I listen to Holiday songs all year. It seems absolutely crazy to me to avoid an entire genre of amazing music from New Years to Thanksgiving. Needless to say, I’ve listened to this album enough times already since it was released on October 26 that I already know it’s going to be my number one standout this Season. I mean, who doesn’t love John Legend’s velvety smooth voice???

Chaga tea : I’m completely off of caffeine right now. It’s on the list of banned substances for the cleanse outlined in Liver Rescue, and I was also instructed to avoid it prior to the ceremony I attended last weekend. Still, it’s cold outside (even in New Orleans), and I like drinking something hot in the morning. Enter: chaga. Apparently, chaga mushrooms have many benefits, including boosting your immune system, decreasing inflammation, providing energy, protecting your skin from the sun, and are also nutrient-dense. So far, this tea has been an excellent replacement for my morning coffee.

Taylor Chelsea boot, Black Suede Studio : After avoiding heels of any height for years, I’m now working on reincorporating them into my wardrobe. Since I manage my symptoms a lot better now than I used to, I’m trying to pull a few things off my list of things-I’ll-never-be-able-to-do-again. I found years ago that walking in heels pushes my hips into hyperextension with every step, but I’m starting to learn that low heels limit this occurrence, and how to engage other muscles and change my posture to help, as well. It’s been so fun to get dressed up put on something besides a flat (especially since I’m only 5’1″), and I’m taking every opportunity I can to do so. And right now, this Chelsea boot is the favorite in my closet.

Outdoor landscaping : I don’t have a great track record when it comes to keeping plants alive. The backyard of my home needs work, however, and I’m getting ready to landscape. Thankfully, I have a patient (and very knowledgeable) father helping me through the process, but since caring for the plants will fall solely on my shoulders, I figured it was time to learn some gardening basics. Believe it or not, learning about plants and flowers and other green things has been kind of fun! I actually find myself able to identify plants when I’m out in the world and having a nature moment, and I’m starting to feel like I might have a shot at this gardening stuff.

Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Pullover, Patagonia : I am absolutely loving my throwback Patagonia fleece right now. I forgot how comfortable these are! I wore this one to my ceremony over the weekend and didn’t take it off the entire time. I basically treat it like a sweater and throw it over my sports bra when I’m leaving the house to go workout and layer it under a down jacket when it isn’t warm enough on its own. If I was a bit braver I would have gone for one of the full-blown classic prints, but I’m not quite ready for that and stuck with a little patterned trim instead.

Schitt’s Creek : My sister and brother-in-law introduced me to this show, and I can’t say enough good about it. All four seasons are streaming on Netflix right now, and I love it so much I raced through all of the episodes on my own when I was supposed to watch them with someone else. And I’m not even sorry – that’s how funny this show is. I don’t feel like you need more proof than that, but if you still require convincing please enjoy this clip.

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