In 2016 I began blogging as a way to get feedback on some writing….and perhaps vent a little. I called my siteĀ 29 going on 92 and worked to provide an honest and open approach to the life of a twenty-something with a slew of chronic illnesses.

In less than a year I evolved, taking the blog with me. I was accepted into a residential program for people with chronic pain so that I could get off my medications and begin learning other methods for managing my discomfort. After I came home the site transformed into [still]moving, a true glimpse into what it actually looks like to take matters into your own hands and fully commit to being well.

Now, I explore trying to find the balance between living mindfully and my unwavering focus on forward motion. I hem and haw over my confusion about what it means to truly accept my pain. I spend my days in search of happiness.

Thank you for visiting my little sliver of the web. Feel free to stick around a while.


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