symptom signals

  Aye yai yai¬†y'all, I'm doing too much. The great thing is that my body is sending me an array of symptoms to let me know that I need to slow it down. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, symptoms are signals. How beautiful is that? Restructuring my thinking to reflect this turns … Continue reading

putting down the gloves

I've been in a defensive stance for a long time. I used to fight to get to the end of each day, letting my symptoms dictate how I went about everything. Now, I fight to get better - to finally reach some sort of existence in which I'm not constantly uncomfortable. Lately, however, I've been … Continue reading

finding balance

  There was a certain level of comfort I associated with treating my chronic illnesses with the more "traditional" approaches we associate with Westernized medicine. I might not have enjoyed relying on doctors, surgeries, and pharmaceuticals to keep me going, but I was used to it. And in a … Continue reading

a little help

Asking for help isn't my strongest suit. I'm much better at suffering through something then passive-aggressively complaining after. But when I stopped taking my prescriptions I quickly learned that had to change. In the world of holistic health, nothing happens quickly. You restrict your diet and … Continue reading