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Yes, there are many different symptoms that could make it difficult for someone to focus long enough to listen to an entire podcast or even hold a book. If you’re able, however, here are some replacements for the hours of television you may or may not spend watching.

PODCASTS [great for while you’re cooking / commuting / cleaning]

  • S-Town : I have my brother-in-law to thank for this one – also, probably Serial and This American Life because they produced it. Either way, it’s awesome.
  • Living the Dream with Rory O’Malley : The Broadway nerd within me cannot resist this podcast. Rory O’Malley, who is currently playing King George in the little-known musical Hamilton, interviews other actors about the ups and downs of show business.
  • Bulletproof Radio : Dave Asprey, founder and CEO of Bulletproof, is on the cutting edge of pretty much anything and everything that improves health and performance. While his methods can be a bit “out there,” everything he promotes is backed by research.

BOOKS [my replacement for watching Netflix before falling asleep]

  • Annihilation : I haven’t read a lot of fiction lately, but this one was quick, easy, and very enjoyable! Plus, it’s the first of a trilogy, so that’s always fun.
  • Stop-Time: A Memoir : This book was first published in 1967, but I only just picked it up. Frank Conroy is wonderful.
  • Still Alice : The movie was awesome; the book is even better. I admit, this suggestion feels a little like cheating since it’s also a movie, but the book was first so…

MUSIC [how I get through physical therapy]

  • Harry Styles, Harry Styles : I unapologetically love this album.
  • Coming Home, Leon Bridges : Chill and beautiful.
  • Groudhog Day The Musical : Tim Minchin, the show’s composer, said / tweeted [I can’t actually remember] something about how the album makes more sense the more you listen. For me, that was definitely true. I wasn’t into it at first, but now I know it’s genius.


in with the new

So much is falling to the wayside as I determine what is unhelpful on my road to recovery. I realize that I’m kind of up against it, and if I’m going to go the remainder of my life without the use of opioids to manage my most difficult symptoms, I need to make sure [almost] everything I do aligns with that goal.

While some things haven’t made the cut, others have made a resurgence in my life, or even a first appearance. Here’s a bit of what I’m finding helpful, whether it’s for inspiration, information, or a replacement for my medication [see what I did there?].

Book : The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

  • I’m reading so much lately. This recommendation comes from one of my doctors at Silver Hill and it is phenomenal! A good book for probably anyone.

Meditations : A collection of eight guided meditations from youarenotyourpain.com

  • The accompanying book You Are Not Your Pain by Vidyamala Burch is, in my opinion, a worthwhile read if you’re going to listen to the meditations on the site, or if you’re a novice meditator [like me!].
  • I have everything dowloaded to my iCloud so that first thing in the morning when I’m ready to meditate I can quickly access the file I need.

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • A bottle of Bragg’s is always in my refrigerator, but it’s been consumed much more rapidly since I returned home. I don’t particularly enjoy drinking it, but I know it’s helping heal my gut, which is the source of so many issues, including arthritis.

Modalities : Epsom salt, kinesiology tape, and topical pain relief cream

  • I took a break from epsom salt baths, but now they’re back! This brand is my favorite.
  • I’ve relied on tape to stabilize my joints for years, but for whatever reason I got away from it. I have tried countless brands and determined that I like Mummy Tape best.
  • Topricin is a new product for me. I usually use Salonpas patches, but they really stink…especially when I’m at the office or even just trying to sleep.

Blog : ihaventshavedinsixweeks.com

  • Lindsey Hall seriously puts it all out there. She is basically the queen of transparency!

Instagram : @hurtblogger

  • Britt has a wondeful collection of good habits, so I’ve enjoyed stalking her casually checking in on what she’s up to when I need an extra push in the right direction.


  • As I’m trying to bring my tv-watching time down I’m listening to music more. “Human” by Rag’n’Bone Man, “Sounds Good to Me” by Nelly, and the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack are just a few of my favorites right now.




let’s get this show on the road


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exploding suitcase


I’m finally ready to go. It’s going to be tough to say the last goodbyes, but I know it’s time to get on that plane.

I will never be able to say enough thank yous to everyone who has wished the world for me. I’m going to take your words with me and think back on them whenever I need a little extra strength.

Signing off until March!


January Finds

All this touchy-feely stuff is nice in theory, but sometimes you need a few items from home to keep you sane. Lucky for me I’ll be armed with a little of everything! Below are links to a few pieces I’m taking with me. Some are great for travel, others for physical therapy, and a couple may come in handy when you’re in the hospital.

comfy {and modest} pajamas

thick socks

a plastic-free water bottle

light but warm sweater

zipper pouch to wrangle all the little things

slip-on sneakers

light-as-a-feather down jacket 

a scarf that doubles as a travel blanket

my favorite notebook

travel pillow to help me get comfortable in a weird bed

the coziest sweatpants

rash guard that’s perfect for aqua therapy

a few favorite tees